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Encouraging Families and Friends to Read and Write Together

Aloha! Let’s Write Together…

Posted by : Alex Watson | June 27, 2012

Reading together as a family or with friends is a good way to share the experience of a great book. Talking about whichever book I am reading is something I do with my friends or when my family sits down together for dinner. But, as fun as it is to read and talk about our books, wouldn’t it be really cool to write a book together?That’s what Let’s Write Together is all about. We have lots of awesome things planned: book signings, a weekly blog where I’ll share ideas and tips, plus the opportunity to ask me questions about our books or writing in general! Be sure to like our Facebook page, so you can ride the wave with me. Also, check us out on CSPAN2 Book TV on April 7 at 5:00 pm. - http://t.co/t5Cu8FlE8b~Alex WatsonCheck out what families are saying about LWT in the letter below!



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